We are a non-profit media organization based in Berlin and run by a collective of journalists, artists, researchers, and writers. Through our editorial and artistic projects, UntoldMag, SyriaUntold, and Mena Art Gallery, we are working to promote a sustainable and innovative model of journalistic production that can facilitate dialogue and awareness in relation to some of the most important challenges of our time such as growing inequalities, climate change, and human rights violations.

We believe in critical journalism that focuses on under-covered topics with perspectives that challenge hegemonic and mainstream views.

A bilingual online magazine run by a transnational editorial team and hosting critical debates about local, regional, and global issues that characterize our interconnected world.

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An award-winning platform focusing on creative resistance and social issues in Syria. It produces in-depth reports on different issues such as culture, art, gender and LGBTIQ+, environment, and civil society.

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A digital gallery showcasing and selling artworks and products by artists from the Middle East and North Africa. The aim of this project it to support the artists, and at the same time produce revenues by selling their work online and offline to fund our editorial projects.

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Who We Are

Our journalistic production is based on an inclusive, pluralistic, and critical approach, with the aim of facilitating dialogue and identifying constructive solutions for these issues.

We believe in critical journalism that focuses on under-covered topics with perspectives that challenge hegemonic and mainstream views.

We believe in inclusive and pluralistic journalism as we want to give space to marginalized and diverse voices in terms of class, gender, and different geographies.

We believe in in-depth journalism that tackles complex issues but also aims at making them accessible to wider audiences through a simple language and innovative forms of digital storytelling and reporting.

How We Work

We work through a transnational model of journalism that brings together people from across the globe. We aim at sustaining these transnational synergies through our bilingual content (Arabic and English) which is at the center of all our activities and hope to include more languages in the future.

We experiment with new journalistic forms, like curation, contextualization, and fact-checking, which are becoming more and more important in a media environment characterized by an overabundance of information circulating with no context and growing misinformation.

We invest deeply in cultural journalism, covering the relationship between art, culture, politics and society, as we believe that this is one of the main keys for sustainable social and political change at the global level.

Our Vision

Our journalistic vision responds to the deep challenges facing our world as well as the fundamental changes in the field of journalism.

Our journalistic contribution aims to engage deeply with the political and societal crises—from the environment to questions of representation and social and economic inequalities—faced across the world and the various responses to them.

Faced with the deep dislocation and displacement of both journalists and audiences, the fragmentation and inadequacy of traditional journalistic funding models, we experiment with new ways to make critical journalism work, and to open our doors to the new encounters, synergies and creative potentials that these displacements also allow.

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